Grocery shopping in Niseko

Grocery Shopping

Located on the main street of Niseko Hirafu are two convenience stores, the Seicomart and the newer Lawsons convenience store. The Yutaka luxury accommodation chalets are located midway between the two, about a three minute walk from both stores. Although the Seicomart store stocks a larger selection of products the lines in winter to the check out can be long, whilst the Lawsons store tends to be less crowded. All basic food products can be found in the convenience store including eggs, milk, butter, bread, juice, breakfast cereal, fruit, alcohol along with a plethora of fast food and an assortment of chocolate bars.

Niseko Hirafu does not have any large style supermarkets; however the nearby township of Kutchan features several large grocery stores including the Mega size, Maxvalu. Kutchan can be easily reached by the local bus or via a taxi. The store is a true supermarket with a huge array of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and many consumer products that can be found in western supermarkets. Over the past few years the store has even added Australian wines and food to cater for the large demand.

Alcohol Shopping

In addition to bringing in your own duty free and purchasing alcohol from the convenience stores or supermarkets, you may also order beer and wine online. Niseko Wine Supply provide a hand-picked range of fine Western Australian wines as well as wines from the Marlborough New Zealand winery Giesen. Niseko Wine Supply also provide a limited range of beers. What's great is that these can be delivered to your door in Niseko for about what you pay in an Australian bottle-shop. Visit

Written by Paul White

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