Getting to and from the Niseko ski slopes

The Yutaka luxury Niseko accommodation is located about 5 buildings down from the main road that runs through Niseko. This is the road that the bus from Sapporo takes when it comes into Hirafu.

There are 4 sets of lifts that people typically take from Upper Hirafu onto the slopes:

There are three main ways to get onto the snow from Yutaka:

  1. If you have lessons organized through Niseko Base Sports (NBS) then you will need to start at the Ace Family Lift. From Yutaka you walk up the hill to the main road and then turn left and walk down the main road for about 5 minutes. As soon as you go through the traffic lights take the next road on your right. NBS is located in the base of the Alpen Ridge Hotel. Once you go Up the Ace Family Lift you can connect to the Ace Quad Lift #2 and then you are away up the mountain. This is the way most people from Yutaka get onto the slopes, even when they don’t have lessons. The walk to The Ace Family Lift is shown by the red line on the map above.
  2. If you have lessons organized through NISS and you don’t feel like skiing across from the Ace Family Lift then your best bet is to get the free shuttle bus up to the Niseko ground Service building in the big car park up near the top of the upper village. You can catch the shuttle bus from the shuttle stop just down the hill from Yutaka, at Shuttle Stop #4 (2 minutes walk), or you can walk up to Shuttle Stop #12, just up Hirafu-Zaka St from the traffic lights on the main road. NISS are located just below the start of the King Pair Lift #1 A & B. The walk to the Shuttle Stop #4 is shown by the green line on the map above. The walk to the Shuttle Stop #12 is shown by the orange line on the map above.
  3. If you want to start off at the Hirafu Gondola then you can take the shuttle bus directly to the car park at the base of the Gondola. You can catch the free shuttle bus from either Shuttle Stop #4 or Shuttle Stop #12.

Written by Paul White

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