Eating out in Niseko

Eating out in Niseko is another cultural experience in itself. There is a large selection of restaurants: Izakayas, Yakitori & sushi restaurants, ramen shops and curry places, plus a good selection of western style foods. Prices are about average by Japanese standards but surprisingly cheap by Western standards. There are over 40 restaurants in the village and most are open 365 days of the year.

Every winter the Niseko Promotion Board publishes a free wine and dine guide for the Niseko Resort Area. Information in English is provided for the restaurants and bars in Niseko.
A searchable online guide covering a reasonable subset of Niseko’s restaurants and bars can be found at

For middle of the range dining, lunches cost around 1,000 yen, evening meals cost around 2,000-3,000yen per person. You can dine a lot cheaper or spend a lot more depending on the restaurant. The free Niseko food and wine guide provides more detail regarding each restaurants typical dishes and prices.

During the peak periods of Christmas/New Year and Chinese New Year it is recommended to make reservations. Most restaurants have English speaking staff. Outside of these times you generally only need to make a reservation if you have a large group or want to dine at a popular restaurant.


Most bars and restaurants in the Niseko Ski resort don’t accept credit cards or travelers cheques. Restaurants that do accept credit cards may charge an extra service fee. There is an ATM that accepts VISA. The main post office in Kutchan accepts most international cards. Note that tipping is not customary in Japan and you should not leave a tip at your restaurant table as the wait staff will probably think you forgot your change and will chase after you to return it.

Favourite Restaurants

Favourite restaurants and bars that we or our friends and guests have visited include:

Written by Paul White

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